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Discover driving fun with the new #Stingray Cruiser 6.0s

Driving fun guaranteed

Fast acceleration. An achievement that puts you ahead of all others. The intuitive operation. Our electric scooter allows you to move quickly through the city, putting a bike, train or car to shame.

Street legal & ready to go

Our premium cruiser is fully street legal and comes with a COC certificate. A suitable insurance from €40 per year from comprehensive insurance is enough and nothing will stand in the way of your driving fun.

Free travel ahead

For speeds of up to 45 km/h, a class B car driving license or class M scooter driving license is sufficient. Up to 25 km/h, a moped test certificate is sufficient. People born before April 1, 1965 do not need a driver's license.

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Fast delivery

Receive your orders promptly. Our fast delivery ensures that you benefit from our products as quickly as possible.

24 month guarantee

Safe & relaxed on the road. We give you a guarantee of up to 24 months on all Stingray Motors electric scooters in our online shop.

Individual service

Experience our tailored customer service – we adapt to your requirements to ensure optimal collaboration.

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Thats what our customers say:


The Stingray Cruiser 6.0s changed my life in Berlin! As a commuter from Prenzlauer Berg, I not only appreciate the environmentally friendly journey, but also the quick and quiet movement through the city. A real must-have for urban mobility!

Prenzlauer Berg

In Munich I rely on the Stingray Cruiser 6.0s - a powerhouse with style! Maximum driving fun and quiet on the go, perfect for the streets in Schwabing. A clear recommendation from a Munich city resident!


The Stingray Cruiser 6.0s is not just an electric scooter, but a statement. His individuality inspires me. Every ride becomes an expression of my personal style. Highly Recommended!


The Stingray Cruiser 6.0s stands out on the streets of Cologne. Individually designed and quiet on the move, it fits in perfectly with Ehrenfeld's unique flair. An electric scooter for individualists!


No matter where I travel in Germany, the Stingray Cruiser 6.0s is the ideal all-rounder. Practical, stylish and environmentally friendly. In Frankfurt it makes my daily journey through the busy streets easier.


The Stingray Cruiser 6.0s is more than just a means of transportation. With its impressive performance and elegant design, it makes every ride an experience. As a Stuttgart resident, I can only recommend him!


The Stingray Cruiser 6.0s impressed me in Düsseldorf. Its individual design and effortless ride through the city make it the perfect companion for Derendorf and beyond.


Without restrictions: The Stingray Cruiser 6.0s impresses with its performance and design. An electric scooter that impresses in every respect. For me it's number one in Nuremberg!


I enjoy my journey through Hamburg with the Stingray Cruiser 6.0s. Compact, efficient and stylish on the go. Ideal for Eimsbüttel, where every centimeter counts. A reliable companion in everyday Hanseatic life!


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Our team at Stingray Motors is available to answer any questions you may have about our Stingray Motors products. Use the contact form for direct and professional support. We look forward to your inquiry!

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