Disposal information for electrical devices and batteries at Stingray Motors

In accordance with WEEE and the Battery Ordinance, we as retailers are legally obliged to dispose of electrical devices and batteries correctly. We would like to inform our customers in detail:

The disposal of electrical devices and batteries with household waste is prohibited! Please do not throw any devices into household waste. Find out about return options in your region and use return systems or battery collection points. Batteries containing pollutants are identified by a crossed-out trash can symbol, with the chemical name of the pollutant nearby.

- PB = battery/rechargeable battery contains lead
- Cd = battery/rechargeable battery contains cadmium

We are happy to take back old devices and old batteries/rechargeable batteries free of charge. If you would like us to dispose of it, simply send the relevant device or batteries back to us. At Stingray Motors, we are committed to environmentally conscious disposal to promote sustainable and responsible use of electronic devices.