Enjoy the benefits of a Stingray Motors electric scooter:

Cost: Electric scooters are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. You save around 80% per 100 km compared to petrol-powered scooters. Minimal maintenance costs make your driving experience even more affordable.

Flexibility: Charge your e-scooter conveniently at home or in the office using any conventional socket. With removable batteries, you have the freedom to charge anywhere without having to search for gas stations.

Practicality: Your e-scooter is ready, no annoying search for a parking space. You move forward smoothly in traffic, saving time and nerves.

Emissions: Zero CO2 emissions – your contribution to the environment. 100% electricity for sustainable transportation.

Driving pleasure: Experience how the way to work becomes a highlight. With our e-scooter, commuting becomes a pleasure.

Lifestyle: Your e-scooter is more than a vehicle, it is a statement. Travel stylishly and environmentally consciously and you'll get admiring glances on every journey. Discover your new lifestyle with Stingray Motors.

With Stingray Motors you are mobile without compromising your environmental awareness. If you purchase electricity from renewable energies for your Stingray Motors electric scooter, we guarantee you completely CO2-free transportation. Discover a sustainable and eco-friendly mobility option with Stingray Motors.

With Stingray Motors you can keep the electricity costs for your mobility under control - less than 1 euro per 100 km. The elimination of numerous wearing parts results in significant savings in maintenance and repair costs. Experience has shown that the maintenance costs of a Stingray Motors electric scooter are around 30% of the costs compared to petrol powered scooters. Invest in efficient and cost-saving transportation with Stingray Motors.

If you want to drive our e-scooters up to 25 km/h, you need a moped driving license. No driver's license is required for people born before April 1, 1965. Electric scooters up to 45 km/h are considered mopeds, which is why a class M driving license (scooter) or a class B car driving license is required.

With Stingray Motors you receive street legal electric scooters with COC certificate directly to your home. Get started without delay - all you need is inexpensive insurance (from 30 euros per year) from your comprehensive insurance. Nothing stands in the way of your carefree tours. Trust mobility with style and comfort from Stingray Motors.

After your order has been shipped, you will receive an email or SMS from us with the tracking information for your shipment. In a further step, our shipping company will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date. At Stingray Motors we value transparent and customer-friendly delivery processing. You can rely on a smooth process for your satisfaction.

Once you have selected your vehicle, valid insurance coverage is required. Choose an insurance company you trust to insure your e-scooter cost-effectively. To conclude the contract you need the road registration, which we will send you registered and separately by post. At Stingray Motors, we value your smooth movement and are happy to assist you with every step you need.

You will usually receive your electric scooter or e-chopper from Stingray Motors within 3-5 working days.

We attach great importance to speedy delivery in order to give you unrestricted driving fun as quickly as possible. Trust in our efficient processes and look forward to being on the move electrically soon.

In Germany there is a legal requirement to wear a helmet if the maximum speed of 20 km/h is exceeded. If you choose a vehicle "without a driver's license", you are not required to wear a helmet, as our e-scooters are equivalent to the classic e-bike. Enjoy the freedom of driving without additional restrictions with Stingray Motors' electric mobility solutions.

We supply you with all your spare parts needs centrally via our warehouse. If necessary, please contact our customer service at We are here to help ensure your Stingray Motors electric scooter is always performing at its best.


Your electric scooter or e-chopper from Stingray Motors consists of three central components: The motor transmits energy directly to the rear wheel, without additional gearboxes or drive shafts. The battery provides the power, while the controller regulates speed and connects the battery to the motor. Enjoy the efficiency and performance of our innovative technology.

Please note that the battery of your Stingray Motors electric scooter or electric chopper should not be completely discharged. It is advisable to charge the batteries regularly to ensure optimal performance. Avoid letting the batteries near discharge just before charging. Your driving experience and the lifespan of the battery benefit from this.

Please charge your Stingray Motors vehicle for at least 4 to 6 hours. The first trip is usually a little shorter because the battery only provides its full power after about 3 to 5 charging cycles.

Remove the battery from your Stingray motor with one hand and charge it conveniently in your home using any conventional household socket. Alternatively, charging directly on the vehicle is also possible.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our charging system.

Yes, the battery of your Stingray Motors electric scooter is removable and can be conveniently charged in your own home using a normal household socket. This convenient option gives you the flexibility of charging, especially if you park your e-scooter on the street and don't have a power outlet nearby.

If you have discovered a defect or defect in your vehicle, please use our contact form and send us a picture or video with the chassis number.

All of our e-scooters, e-choppers or e-scooters have similar basic technology. The most important differences lie in ergonomics, performance, comfort and appearance.

2000 watts correspond to 2.70 horsepower
3000 watts equals 4.10 horsepower

Our lithium-ion batteries retain at least 80% of their initial capacity even after 800 charging cycles. However, it is also important to take good care of it so that the battery does not become deeply discharged and thereby damaged.


At Stingray Motors, we place the highest value on your security when it comes to payment transactions. Your information will of course be transmitted encrypted to ensure that third parties do not have access to it. Your payments are processed by a specially security-certified partner. Trust in secure transactions with Stingray Motors.

In the Stingray Motors online shop we offer you a simple, secure and convenient selection of payment methods, including

  • Payment in advance
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Purchase on account
  • Installment payments as well
  • Credit or debit card

Choose the payment option that suits you and experience uncomplicated transactions when purchasing your electric scooter

At Stingray Motors we offer a variety of payment methods, including purchase on account through Klarna. Simply select your preferred payment method during the ordering process and complete your order easily.

Of course, we offer you the option of paying in installments with Klarna if you prefer a more flexible payment agreement. This financing option allows you to conveniently finance your electric scooter or electric chopper over a period of 3 to 36 months. Please contact us to find out more about this option.