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Do you want to make your business eco-friendly while benefiting from a growing industry? Become part of Stingray Motors and offer our high-quality electric scooters in your store. Discover the benefits of partnering with us:

Environmentally friendly electromobility:

Stingray Motors focuses on sustainable electromobility. Become a dealer of our electric scooters and actively contribute to environmental protection. Offer your customers an environmentally friendly alternative in urban transport.

Attractive conditions for dealers:

Benefit from exclusive conditions as an authorized Stingray Motors dealer. We offer you competitive prices, flexible delivery options and attractive margins to grow your business.

Selected product range:

Our Stingray Cruiser is more than just a means of transportation - it's a lifestyle product. With its diverse range of models and different designs, we offer a wide selection that covers the needs of our customers. No matter whether in the city or in the country, you will find the right electromobility solution with us.

Support for your success:

As a Stingray Motors dealer, you benefit from our close partnership and support. We provide training, marketing materials and dedicated customer service to ensure your sales efforts are successful.

Pioneering technology:

Our electric scooters are characterized by innovative technologies. Offer your customers advanced features such as powerful batteries, smart connectivity and modern design. Bet on the future of mobility.

Exclusive partnership

As an authorized Stingray Motors dealer, you gain access to an exclusive partnership with an innovative company in the electric mobility industry.

Reliable support

As a Stingray Motors dealer, you will not only receive premium products, but also marketing materials and dedicated support to ensure your success.

First class customer service

Our dedicated customer service is available to help you and your customers to ensure Stingray Motors electric scooters continue to perform reliably.

Become a Stingray Motors dealer now!

Become a Stingray Motors dealer and shape the future of electric mobility with us. Contact us now to learn more about partnership opportunities!

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