Warranty conditions

  1. Stingray Motors guarantees the original purchaser a two-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship (“Defects”) when purchasing a fully assembled vehicle. If a defect already exists when the risk passes or occurs during the term of the guarantee, Stingray Motors can, at its own discretion, remedy the defect (“repair”) or deliver another new vehicle (“subsequent delivery”). In the event of a repair, replace defective parts or repair them through work at your own discretion and choice. In addition, Stingray Motors is entitled to have the repair carried out by a third party at any time.
  1. The battery comes with a functional guarantee of six months. Defective batteries will be repaired or replaced (with a battery that has at least the same energy capacity as the replaced battery before the malfunction occurred). Damage that occurs as a result of the following activities is not covered by the warranty:
    1. Exposing the battery or entire vehicle to ambient temperatures above 50°C (122°F) or below -25°C (-13°F) for more than 24 hours continuously.
    2. Physically damaging the battery or intentionally attempting to extend (other than as stated in your documentation) or shorten the life of the battery, either through physical means, programming or other methods
    3. Contact of the battery with direct flames or moisture or flooding of the battery.
  1. The battery, like all battery systems, is subject to a gradual loss of energy and performance with continued duration and use. Loss of battery energy or performance over time or due to or resulting from battery use is NOT covered by this Battery Warranty.
  1. The term begins with the handover of the vehicle or with the registration of the vehicle, whichever occurs first ("transfer of risk").
  1. The following parts are excluded from the warranty:
    1. All parts that are subject to natural wear and tear (particularly but not exclusively: brake pads and brake discs, tires, shock absorbers, lamps, paint, handles, saddle and seat post, bearings, seals)
    2. All parts and equipment not manufactured and/or installed by Stingray Motors or an authorized manufacturer.
    3. Operating and auxiliary materials (particularly but not exclusively: brake fluid, oils, greases, seals or other lubricating or hydraulic fluids).
    4. Accessories and special equipment that were not offered as part of the initial purchase of a new vehicle.
    5. For technical reasons (within the color spectrum), the actual color of the vehicles may differ from the colors shown in the online shop or in other sales documents. Such a deviation does not constitute a defect and is therefore not covered by this warranty.
  1. There are no guarantee obligations if the defect and/or damage that has occurred is directly or indirectly related to this
    1. Vehicle warnings and/or instructions in the operating instructions were actively ignored and/or regulations regarding the proper operation, care or treatment of the vehicle (see operating instructions) were not followed.
    2. The vehicle was damaged by force majeure, willful or malicious acts (including by third parties) or by an accident.
    3. The vehicle was driven as part of motorsport or other competitions or the associated practice drives and was subjected to overuse.
    4. The vehicle was used improperly and/or improperly (contrary to road traffic and vehicle registration regulations). Interventions or manipulations of any kind have been carried out in the drive, electric motor, controller, battery systems or software of the vehicle. All interventions to increase the speed, as well as “tuning” the motor or controller, are illegal. In addition, the operational safety and possibly also the service life of the vehicle are reduced and insurance cover, the EC certificate of conformity and the guarantee are no longer valid.
    5. Damage caused by incorrect handling, storage or lack of care, including water damage, damage caused by storage in a humid environment, damage caused by a short circuit, damage caused by deep discharge (battery discharged below 63 volts), damage caused by long-term storage with 100% battery level (SoC) and damage caused by charging with a defective or non-original charger are also not covered by the warranty.
    6. Parts or accessories have been installed or attached to the vehicle that have not been approved in writing by Stingray Motors or the vehicle has been modified in a manner not approved by Stingray Motors.
    7. Hydraulic or lubricants that are defective or contain foreign matter or that are not recommended or approved by Stingray Motors have been used. Costs incurred due to downtime of the vehicle, including direct, indirect or commercial losses suffered by the owner or user of the vehicle as a result, will not be reimbursed.
    8. There is no entitlement to warranty service if maintenance intervals or the maintenance schedule in our Stingray Motors service booklet were not adhered to (1. Maintenance: 500 km or 3 months 2. Maintenance: 2000 km or 12 months 3. Maintenance 4000 km or 24 months 4. Maintenance: 6000 km or 36 months 5. Maintenance: 8000 km or 24 months) and the maintenance and repairs were not carried out by an official Stingray Motors service partner. There is also no claim if the electric scooter is used commercially (in particular, but not exclusively, rental of the electric scooter, courier services, etc.)9.
    9. This guarantee does not limit the legal rights, in particular the warranty claims against Stingray Motors and possible claims against Stingray Motors under the Product Liability Act.