Sustainability in focus – from CO2-neutral shipping to environmentally friendly office equipment.

In order to be future-proof as a company, we at Stingray Motors attach particular importance to sustainable action as an essential complement to our distribution and as an integral part of our corporate culture. Our commitment extends to environmentally friendly packaging, carbon neutral shipping and environmentally sustainable products.

CO2-neutral shipping:
If you wish, we can ship CO2-neutrally! In collaboration with selected logistics partners with environmental protection programs, we actively reduce CO2 emissions. By supporting certified environmental projects, we offset the amounts of carbon dioxide produced.

Eco-friendly packaging:
Our packaging materials are exclusively recycled and biodegradable. We rely on renewable raw materials to ensure that our packaging process does not harm the environment:
- Cardboard boxes mainly made from recycled material
- Paper shipping and paper padded bags
- biologically compostable packaging chips made from corn
- biologically compostable bubble wrap/cushions
- Wrapping paper and adhesive tape made from completely recyclable paper
- Stamp ink without added oil

In addition, we use ecologically sustainable products when furnishing our offices:

- Avoid printing emails
- Use of environmentally friendly paper (Blue Angel certified)
- Use of efficient, modern inkjet printers to reduce ink consumption
- Print on both sides or use paper for notes
- Stationery made from recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, wood)
- Solar powered calculators, letter scales, etc.
- Energy efficient IT hardware
- Automatic shutdown of standby devices

Stingray Motors is committed to operating in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner to help preserve our environment.